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Ulumbarra Stars

Ulumbarra Stars

Ulumbarra Stars are major gift givers supporting a program designed to transform lives, ignite imaginations and inspire young hearts and minds.

You may make decide to fund a particular Ulumbarra Stars program:

Centre Stage - $50,000 to be raised

The Centre Stage initiative will give regional and rural primary and secondary students the opportunity to access quality performing arts at Ulumbarra Theatre.

Your help will enable us to deliver a life-long memory to children otherwise unable to experience the joy of performing arts, due to distance or disadvantage.

Spotlight - $50,000 to be raised

The Spotlight initiative gives secondary students the opportunity to engage with Ulumbarra players, performers and crew with exclusive, immersive performing arts experiences.

Designed to augment existing secondary school music and drama curricula, Spotlight will connect with students interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts.

Ned - $25,000 to be raised

An opportunity exists to support a new theatre production planned to premiere at Ulumbarra Theatre in mid-2015.

With performance opportunities for local actors, singers and musicians, as well as educational opportunities for local and regional schools, supporting “NED” is a wonderful approach to developing performing arts in Bendigo.

Gather Together - $25,000 to be raised

We need your help to develop The Gather Together initiative which will strive to deliver meaningful engagement and positive social outcomes for local community members through performing arts programs.

We will build important partnerships with a range of culturally and linguistically diverse organisations and community groups to engage with and inspire.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductable, a printed receipt will be sent to all donors.

Please contact our Business Development Manager for more information:

David Stretch

City of Greater Bendigo

PO Box 733, Bendigo, VIC 3552

T 03 4408 6512 | F 03 5434 6200 | M 0408 865 949

National Relay Service 133677 then quote 03 5434 6049


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