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Welcome to Ulumbarra Theatre, taking centre stage in 2015.

If your enquiry is unable to be answered satisfactorily, please contact us:

Phone: 03 5434 6100



  1. When will the Ulumbarra Theatre box office open?

    Tickets to all shows at Ulumbarra Theatre can be purchased on line at or ph 03 5434 6100 or at the Box Office located at 50 View St Bendigo.

    The Box Office at The Capital
    50 View Street, Bendigo is open:
    9am - 5pm Mon – Fri
    And one hour prior to a performance

    Ulumbarra Box Office located at Gaol Road Bendigo:

    The box office and Ulumbarra Bar will be open 1 hour prior to any scheduled performances.

    Link to our online box office or map of the Ulumbarra Theatre precinct below.

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  2. Parking a-plenty!

    There are various parking options for Ulumbarra Theatre, but the closest off-street parking is located at the Park Road car park, accessed via Bridge St. After 4pm on school days and any evening, access to Tom Flood Recreation Reserve is via Water Street from Barnard Street. On street parking is available throughout the length of Park Road and Barnard Street. The QEO car park via View Street is a short walk from Ulumbarra Theatre. The Farmers Lane car park in the Dai Gum San Chinese Precinct is also a short walk from Ulumbarra. A range of CBD parking options, including multi-level car parking are only a short walk through Rosalind Park and the grounds of the Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Accessible car parking is provided for mobility impaired visitors, available on Gaol Access Road and a drop off zone for all Ulumbarra visitors on Gaol Road, at the main entrance to the theatre precinct.

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  3. What is the funding breakdown of the theatre complex project?

    Australian Government $12.3 million State Government (Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development)$7.5 millionState Government (Regional Development Victoria – Regional Growth Fund) $3 million City of Greater Bendigo $3 million Total$25.8 million

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  4. Who will be the main users of the Theatre?

    The Ulumbarra Theatre will include a 950-seat theatre, music, dance and drama studio spaces, general learning areas and a commercial learning kitchen. Bendigo Senior Secondary College will use the complex for assemblies, graduations, lectures and the College’s performing arts teaching program. Schools from throughout the region are interested in the complex for productions, concerts, speech and awards nights and graduations. La Trobe University, Bendigo Regional TAFE and Monash University are expected to use the complex for public lectures, graduations, ceremonies and conferences. Public and private companies and community groups will be able to utilise the complex for AGMs, staff meetings, community consultations, conventions and conferences and award nights. Local, Victorian, interstate and international performing arts, music and cultural groups will also use the complex

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  5. Is Ulumbarra Theatre linked to the Bendigo Senior Secondary College given its close proximity?

    Yes, the Ulumbarrra Theatre will be managed by the City of Greater Bendigo and utilised regularly by the 1500-plus students and teachers at the college. Bendigo Senior Secondary College has been heavily involved in the planning and funding application process of the project, in conjunction with the City of Greater Bendigo, and will ultimately be responsible for building the new complex. The school will use the facility for its performing arts programs, assemblies, graduations and speech and awards nights as will other educational institutions in the region.

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  6. It's high time for a new theatre in Bendigo

    Bendigo’s Capital Theatre has a proud history of providing arts and cultural productions since the 1870s. This will not change. However, our city has grown to the point where the 485-seat theatre at the Capital is not big enough to support major productions, conferences and gatherings. There is also a growing need for conference and convention space in Bendigo, whether it is for medium to large sized Bendigo-based businesses, visiting public and/or private organisations or government agencies. These groups often use the Capital Theatre but the rapid rate of growth of these businesses and demand for more space indicates that a larger, purpose-built theatre complex is required in our growing regional community. The school will use the facility for its performing arts programs, assemblies, graduations and speech and awards nights as will other educational institutions in the region.

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  7. Where does Bendigo’s performing arts infrastructure sit in respect to other regional centres such as Ballarat and Geelong?

    The region’s only major theatre, The Capital – Bendigo’s Performing Arts Centre has a number of shortfalls. At 485 seats, it is significantly under capacity compared to other major regional communities in Victoria. Ballarat and Geelong both have two performing arts facilities catering for smaller and large audiences. Geelong’s major theatre, the Playhouse at Geelong Performing Arts Centre has a seating capacity 797 while Costa Hall has seating for 1,500. Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat has seating capacity for 949. The Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts in Ballarat has seating capacity for a further 847. This translates to seating capacity per capita of 1 per 214 persons for Bendigo, 1 per 96 in Geelong and 1 per 52 in Ballarat.

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  8. The new theatre and supporting the Capital

    We anticipate that the Ulumbarra Theatre will complement the productions and shows on offer at the Capital Theatre. The Bendigo Capital Theatre is booked months and sometimes years in advance for performances and annual events. With only 485 seats, The Capital is unable to cater for large touring groups and gatherings. The new theatre complex will provide an alternative for those groups who are looking for performing arts space or conference facilities. Each theatre will have its unique attractions for groups – some organisations will prefer the Capital Theatre, others will prefer the space provided at the new theatre complex.

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  9. The Bendigo Gaol is an historic building. Will major work be required and if yes, will the historic aspects and stories of the gaol be retained in some way?

    The historic buildings will be retained and plans will be made to outline the history of the jail within the final Ulumbarra Theatre complex. It is an historic building and yes, consideration has been made in relation to retaining the historical features of the original jail buildings. There are several other buildings within the complex which have little, if any, historical significance and will be demolished. The project team has been working closely with Heritage Victoria to ensure this important heritage is not only preserved but importantly, enlivened.

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  10. What opportunites for bringing new events to Bendigo that the city previously did not have the capacity to host does Ulumbarra deliver?

    We expect that it will, performing arts companies and private and public organisations will be attracted to Bendigo as a result of this new complex. Greater Bendigo has a population in excess of 105,000 and the expectations of local theatre audiences are akin to those of capital city audiences throughout Australia. With a 951-seat theatre and state-of-the-art convention and conference facilities, it is expected that groups will favourably consider Bendigo as an ideal location for their major arts, cultural and corporate events. As a flow-on effect, locals who would travel to nearby regional centres (ie: Ballarat, Geelong) and of course Melbourne, to see performances, will have the opportunity to see those same performances in their home city, as a result of this complex. And as a result, retaining expenditure in Bendigo.At the time of its opening in April 2015, Ulumbarra had secured more than 170 bookings. In its opening week, more than 12,000 people visited Ulumbarra.

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